Twitter trauma!

My biggest crisis with Twitter is that I confuse between sets of people. Sometimes it’s similar handles, sometimes names, sometimes DPs and mostly just nothing realistic – but confusion prevails. Ignore it if you think I’m being narcissistic. If you can relate to it, please leave comments.

@vetti and @kickassiyer

How could someone confuse between such starkly different handles?! I did because they are both called Karthik. One generally has his picture as his DP and the other some cartoon (he could kill me for calling it cartoon, but anyway). One I’ve met more than once and spent quality time with, while the other I’ve had long conversations about his love life. The two are such different people and I still confuse the two. Hmmm.

@pavadanada and @davaratumbler

This, I think, is because both of them feature in my offline conversations with Twitter people. After repeated recommendations, I followed the two. For the love of my life I cannot differentiate between the two without conscious effort.

@Eml_a and @askabuska

This also has something to do with the people (off Twitter) who talk about them so often. But now confuse between @askabuska and @pavadanada as well. Sigh.

@4SN and @Vasudevan_K

This confusion happened when I was travelling to Chennai and both of them changed their DPs. Even now, I cannot trace back to how I know each person and what I have told them in the past. To make things worse, now @4SN has strange DPs.

@dreamydr and @neelavanam

This must have something to do with being dreamy and writing poetry. Over time I have realised one has recently become a doctor while the other is mildly aunty generation! :)

@18pattinaattaamai /@thekaipullai /@raghuthaatha

It took me a while just to figure out that they are all not bots and when I did, I followed them. But you see, when someone has a DP like @raghuthaatha has and a handle like his (his being male is an assumption of course), I can hardly think of him (assumedly) as a real person with real opinions. I always expect him to slam my mentions columns the way @APPATAKKARbot does.

@degree_kaapi is a girl. NOT.

My first memory of him on my TL was when he tweeted about his “favourite female characters being Shakti in Alaipayuthey and Jessi in Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya – both wore starched saris”. Proof enough that he is male? Don’t answer that.

Twitter trauma!

5 thoughts on “Twitter trauma!

  1. There was a time when I used to get confused between @ikaveri and @surekhapillai only because their DPs then where so similar. Now thankfully they have completely different looking DPs. And you, I felt your name as your handle made me connect to you at a lot personal level. This @_tharkuri makes my head sense it as some stranger’s handle :-(

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