A wellwisher’s guide to Murali Vijay’s future

T20 teamilirundhu neekka pattaar. Odinen. One-day teamilirundhu neekka pattaar. Odinen. Test teamilirundhu neekka pattaar. Odinen. Kadaseela CSKvilirundhum neekka pattaar. Odinen odinen vaazhkaiyin orathukke odinen. Ranji Trophyavaavadhu Star Cricketla kaattuvaangangara nambikkaila thirumbi vandhutten.


Now that Vijay has been chased out of all corners he was occupying, as someone who has unending love for him, I most definitely worry about what he must do about his future. After great many hours of deliberation, I believe he must choose from the following options. And I authoritatively state that he must choose only one from the below and anything else he chooses for himself (like his batting performance of late) obviously does not work for him.


Vandhaarai vaazhavaikkum Tamil cinemavil nadikkalaam


Directors and producers will already be standing in a queue to cast him opposite the Trishas and the Anushkas of Chennai. Nanna Latchanama pasanga irundhaale indha thollai thaan. Story nalla irundha, role stronga irundha, actionukku scope irundha, foreign location la shoot irundha, unlimited orange juice irundha, accept panlaam. Aana, personally, en Vijay random girlsa romance panradhu enakku pidikkaadhu. So, nalla pullaiya iruppen nu enakku sathiyam panni kudutha, I approver.


Summer coaching class nadathalaam

Cricket irukkara nelamaila, nerayya parents pasanga Dhoni madhiri varanumnu aasa paduva (Ippo Prakash Raj vera yethi vitrukkare). Periyava aasaiya kedukkaama, kozhandhaigalukku coaching kuduthu (naatukkum sevai senju)munnethalaam. This also is ‘chinni kallu. Peddha laabam’. Oru summer coaching ku Rs. 10000, kit ukku oru 5000, tournament fees 3000, refreshments oru 2000 nu nalla parents kitta aattaya podalaam. Appappo pasanga selavula foreign tour kuda poittu vandhudalaam. Kris Srikkanth, Ashwin nu yaarayaavadhu inauguration panna vechutta double bonus.


MBA va use panlaam


Infosys, Wipro, TCS nu yengeyaavadhu Business Analyst velai vaangi overseas corporate teams ku coach aayidalaam. But aana, yevanaavadhu madhippaana nu paathukanum.


Commentary pannalaam


Look at this video I say. He will be a welcome change to the rubbish we all listen to in the name of commentary.



Onnume illainna, IPL la vandha kaasa FDla pottu, Coimbatore, Ooty nu settle aaydalaam.


PS: As much as I can take (and crack) and joke about Vijay, I sincerely hope he finds his form and gets a chance to be who he was the day I fell in love with him. A short story of the day here.
A wellwisher’s guide to Murali Vijay’s future

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