Alex Pandiyan: Deeper than you think!


When I tweeted this from the theatre after watching the film, someone I know asked me “why do you watch these movies in the first place?” #NyaayamaanaKelvi 

Now that I’ve watched the film, I must say that much of the criticism the film has been getting is unwarranted. I believe it is politically motivated and therefore I take a strong stand to tell you, my reader, that Alex Pandiyan is deeper than you think!

Innovative story line

To begin with, this film has a very ulaga-thiraippadangalil-mudhan-muraiyaaga based story line. Who in the history of Tamil cinema has kidnapped the CM’s daughter? Which CM has got disloyal secretary, commissioner, religious guru etc.? Which heroine in Tamil cinema has falling in love with the kidnapper? Which hero has uyira-panayam-vechu saved the heroine? Many films, you say? Okay. Let me ask you some more questions.

Which heroine has said to the villain, “unakku dhairiyam irundha avar kayatha avuthu vittu adida. Nee ambalai nu othukkaren“? Which hero has toppled a Tata Sumo with an aruvaal? Which mother has ennai thechu kulippaatti uttufied a stranger? Who makes a profession out of allowing his kaalai maadu to mate pasu maadus in the village? Conviced? I thought you’d be. Moving on.

Naatukku thevaiyaana nalla karuthukkal!

You see, we argue time and again that cinema has a great impact on culture. Then we show our people all sorts of nonsense. But Suraj has taken it upon himself (along with the music director, lyricist and every one, of course) to give the perfect advice to a girl who has vayasukku vandhufied and is being publicly paraded. Watch that video and tell me if you don’t agree. I will debate you till my last breath about it!

Maanam kaakkum magaa Annan!

Santhaanam plays the role of a perfect elder brother. He is the role model for the elder brothers of today playing protector, care-taker and provider- all in one. One 70% of the film is about Santhaanam *saving* his three sisters from the predator that is Karthi! At one point, the Amma character only comes to a level where Santhaanam has to protect her.

In the process of this protection, there are many many mutthaana karutthukkal the female future generation of the Tamilnaad is in dire need of! For example, “ponnum pori urundaiyum onnu. Adha badhrama paathukkanum. Namuthu pochu boni aagave aagaadhu.” He adds, “ungala boni panra varaikkum konjam namuthu pogaama irunga ma”.

Life need not have any purpose

While we are all sitting around trying to figure out what is the purpose of our living on the earth, Suraj makes a rather philosophical point in his own absurdist style. He shows in his film that there need not be a purpose for people to enter or exit a film (and by extension, life).

Take that Saravanan’s character for example. He does nothing for the furtherance of the film. In fact, his brother who gets motta adichufied, Prathap Pothan, Milind Soman, Suman, Visu, his wife character, Santhanam’s three sisters and mother, Santhanam, Anushka, Karthi – none of them do anything for the furtherance of the story. And I strongly believe this is Suraj’s way of reiterating what Nietzsche (is believed to have) said: A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.

Love knows no boundaries

There is this one last thought I want to leave you with. I believe is my responsibility to detangle Suraaj’s masterfully woven message about love. Love knows no boundaries, love has no reason and love has no logic. Love happens and no one knows why, how, who or even what the fu(k! *Three* *sisters* fall in love with a *stranger* who their mother has saved from the riverside. They love him so much they play (something like) dikkilona in the house with him (along with very many other #haun games).

Then, the CM’s daughter falls in love with a *drunken* *homeless* *nari biriyani eating* *wayward* *on bail* who kidnapped her *for money* because he saves her from dying while she jumps off a cliff. My only regret here is that Prathap Pothen did not have a heroine. That would have been the proverbial last nail on the coffin!

Alex Pandiyan: Deeper than you think!

12 thoughts on “Alex Pandiyan: Deeper than you think!

  1. rajandr says:

    Yeah this is one way of letting out your frustration when it’s too much to handle and the usual rant mechanisms don’t work. You become part lunatic to handle the crazy situation.

      1. rajandr says:

        Couldn’t find reviews on some serious tamil films of last year in your blog. Also every film critics duty of best movies of the year list was missing. Any specific reason to go behind the mass entertainers and give a skip to small yet intense Tamil cinema.

        As regular visitor wanted to ask this question

        1. To me, the problem is more logistical. For example, I’ve really wanted to watch Aarohanam but it never was released in Bangalore (AFAIK). Neer Paravai and Kumki left in a week’s time and I couldn’t watch them. So, not that I want to skip intense cinema purposefully but only that I couldn’t get myself to watch them.

          Best films of the last year list can’t be compiled if I haven’t watched some of the ones that’ve known to be the best, no? :)

  2. gud one.
    few corrections :-)
    the video link u have given expired and the video is no longer available.

    another thing, the job u said abt somebody doing — mating kaalai madu with pasu madus has been already done by AADHI in d movie MIRUGAM :-)

  3. Sridhar N says:

    You are right, even i watched this movie in the theatre with much expectation but it proved to be a damp squib testing our patience for over 2 hours


    Film makers right from Producer, Director to the star cast think that the audience is a fool, that too after spending now a days nearly Rs.500 to see a movie, and one to has to be frustrated after seeing such movies like ALEX, ALL THE CHARACTERS are wasted.First of all, a CM CANNOT SANCTION TO LAUNCH A NEW MEDICINE OR NUTRITIONAL PRODUCT, as they are all come under CENTRAL DRUG AUTHORITY, based on full trials, the state DRUG AUTHORITY can comply.Even a common man know one cannot even spare a though to kidnap a CM’s daughter AMIDST tight security, KARTHI’s performance was dismal and it is better he focus on COMEDY as it suits him the most.Their is no continuity to any scenes, and for this wonderful picture their was hype and still they advertise on all channels. As audience it is better to avoid watching movies in screens.FINALLY THEIR IS NO LOGIC.

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