Why Tharkuri?

While I was thinking of redoing the blog and all other online presence, I was thinking on the lines of making a mockery of my narcissism online. The initial thought was to find something that is about the first person. On the lines of ‘thannai mattume kurikkum’ and then the word ‘Tharkuri’ came to mind – the irony of it all.

So, for the over-educated, under-qualified, confused person that I am ‘Tharkuri’ was the right identity. I decided to stick to it and I have ever since.

P.S: Tharkuri in Tamil means illiterate.

In short

Just another run-of-the-mill blogger who has an opinion about everything. Over-educated, under-qualified, under-paid, confused, impossible feminist. I strongly believe that intelligence only leads to cynicism and melancholy. Satisfaction is a farce and happiness is a lie. On the bright side, I have an empty ashtray, a few books and Twitter account (oh wait!). I strongly believe that <edit on 23 March 2012 as per comment below> “Hope is the most treacherous of all human fancies”.

4 thoughts on “Why Tharkuri?

  1. Over Educated and under qualified is an Absolute line..intelligence only leads to cynicism and meloncholy is far to be understand by the money driven human..but i agree with you on this….beautifully written……keep it up.

  2. Can you plzz write blogs on social issues too.. i.e your perspective on society (aniyatha thatti kekarthu) in a satirical way .. would be an eye opener for many!!!!

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