I am one of those people who are called media anthropologists. I observe cultures and study the impact of art on society. I have a special interest in cinema in the society and culture (not using them interchangeably) I have been brought up in. I watch a lot of Tamil cinema (and various other language cinema) and try to understand the impact they have on our people.

I am not here to play the game of praising or trashing films. I NEVER ask people NOT to watch films, though I recommend people watch some films sometimes. This is precisely the reason why I do not award marks to films or comment on the technicalities of editing or cinematography or music.

For me, cinema is a work of art and I only study the way it impacts society (reading into subtle and clandestine meanings). That I take a specifically feminist view of cinema goes without saying.

P.S: I have a Masters in Media Studies and I haven’t stopped learning film criticism even after.


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